Friday Fun Fish Facts

Family Fishery’s Friday Fun Fish Facts - Coconut Shrimp

Most of the foods we eat have a history and a country of origin, but not coconut shrimp! The people who study such things only have guesses and imaginings based on where the main ingredients are found - on tropical coasts. It’s likely that coconut shrimp was first served in southeast Asia and could have moved to other shores simply by coconuts floating on the ocean and landing on distant shores. It’s also possible that coconut shrimp was a dish served to sailors on their long ocean trips because coconuts were a staple due to the refreshing liquid and vitamin C rich meat found inside. We probably have the Spaniards to thank for coconut shrimp arriving in the Americas. 

An Internet search for coconut shrimp will reveal page after page of recipes with many variations of ingredients, numerous time-consuming preparation steps and methods of cooking - but why bother? Let The Family Fishery do the work for you. Our coconut shrimp is loved by everyone who tries it, and now that you know the history of this delicious combination of coconut and shrimp, it will be easy to imagine being on a tropical coast away from the Chicago’s wintery cold (at least for a while).

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